[Video] Invisible Special Effects

[Video] Invisible Special Effects


April 6th, 2014

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We are collaborating with another group on a SciFi Horror film, sow here we are experimenting on a chroma key body suit, creating a invisible, predator like, special effects.
I used Adobe After Effects:
Keylight 1.2. Uncheck Unpremultiply Resu, Screen Pre-Blur 60. Played around the Screen Matte Clip Black & Clip White. 100 on Saturation, Contrast, Brightness.

Next time I really need to light up the person with the Chroma Key body suite. Also, maybe purchase the real body suite so that it will all be in one color.
The main bottom layer background Displacement Map, set Displacement Map layer to the layer with the chroma body suite. Max Horizontal Displace & Vertical to 80

Here is one of the videos that helped me in After Effects

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